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The purpose of Beagle Freedom Australia is to find the perfect forever home for all the animals in our care. To achieve this, it is necessary to have a set of procedures and policies in place to ensure that the dogs welfare is always the number one priority. Every individual is different and so every case has to be individually assessed. Beagles are not for everyone, so we encourage anyone who is considering adopting a beagle to read up on the breed first and to be sure that a beagle is the right fit for what they are looking for in a family pet.


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A Beagle Freedom representative will assess and reply to your application via email, a phone interview and meeting will be arranged if all goes well.

House Check & Introductions

We bring the beagle to your home to meet your family and pets and to check the suitability of the fencing.

Trial Period & Final Adoption

If all goes well, we leave the beagle with you on a trial period. If the trial goes well and everyone is happy – in particular, the animals, then we process the paperwork and transfer ownership to you.

Each case is individual, variations may need to be made, but the process must be followed and the heath and well being of the dogs should always be the number one priority. Beagle Freedom Australia should be contacted immediately if there is any issues, BFA remain the legal guardian of all animals until the adoption is finalised. BFA will answer any questions or concerns that the applicant may have and if at any time during the trial period the arrangement is not working, a mutually agreeable time and place will be arrange to return him/her back into foster care. Follow up contact is maintained with each family after the adoption is finalised, support and professional trainers are also available if needed. We encourage our families to stay in touch via email and social networks, we LOVE hearing all the happy ever after stories, its why we do what we do.

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Below are the beagles or other animals in our care that are ready to take the next step in their journey and join a forever family, or a foster family. Those listed are all ex-lab animals, we do have many other beagles and hounds for adoption as well, just as deserving as these ones, some form puppy farms or abusive backgrounds, some from private surrenders or dumped at pounds and shelters. To see their profiles click here.

Please note that the majority of our animals available for foster and adoption are not posted here, so please apply to foster or adopt in general.


DOB: Approx 2009
Female: Desexed
M/C: 982009104460664
Breed: Domestic Shorthair Cat
Location: Victoria
Source No: RE100067

Lily aka Lily Dumpling has the biggest personality in a cat we have seen! She will keep you laughing all day long with her antics. Released form a research facility, Lily is looking for an INDOOR ONLY home. When she arrived in 2020, she was very overweight, she earned her nickname of Lily Dumpling because she looks like a little round dumpling ball! She also is a bob-tail cat (no tail) so she was just round, cute and funny!

Lily is getting used to the world outside the lab she knew for 10+ years. Everything is new and she is taking it all in her stride. He best, most favourite thing ever, is to just sit in a cardboard box. Any box will do, She will plop herself into it and stare at you, in the hopes of getting some treats!

Because of Lily’s excess weight, she has a difficult time grooming herself, but as she has started losing weight on her special diet, she is back learning how to properly groom herself and is getting very good at it. She doesn’t mind getting brushed which helps her out with the parts she can’t quite reach by herself yet.

Lily isn’t in your face or super smoochy, but she enjoys the company of humans and enjoys a pat on her terms. She will happily sit in the chair beside you while you watch TV. She loves playing with the flirt pole and will eagerly chase it around for hours. She is quite chatty and will talk back to you while you chat away to her about your day.

Lily doesn’t like other cats and is looking to be the only cat in her new home. She is litter trained, but her aim for poos isn’t always 100%, but she always tries her best! She needs a high-walled litter tray, which BFA will provide, as she gets quite vigorous when covering up her business.

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