Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that we get asked a lot, so we thought we would try and answer some of these here. If you still have a question that isn’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Who is Beagle Freedom Australia?

We have been rehoming animals from research facilities since 2013. We are a team of dedicated volunteers striving to help any animal in Australian research facilities. We have nearly 20 years experience rehoming dogs, specifically beagles and dogs with timid, shy or introverted personalities. We are based in Victoria but operate Australia wide. We are a registered charity under the name Beagle Rescue Victoria Inc. 

Do you only rescue beagles?

No! We take in any type of dog, cats and any other animals used for research purposes who need a loving home.

Why beagles?

Beagle are commonly used in research and teaching in Australia and across the world, there are many reasons and they are the same reason that make them wonderful family pets and why we love them so much.

They are friendly, forgiving and gentle in nature, they are robust and can withstand a lot of pain while showing little discomfort. They are small, low maintenance and easy to keep in a kennel environment. They require little to no grooming and are easy to handle and highly trainable.

What tests do they do on the animals you re-home?

We are not given that information from the facilities we work with, but we do ensure that every animal we take in gets a full vet check when they come into our care, and a clean bill of health before being adopted.

Who is doing the testing on the animals you re-home?

There are many institutions and companies across Australia that use animals in their research. We have set contracts in place with many of them and as a condition we won’t release the names of these companies. The types of industries involved are hospitals, third party researchers, veterinary medicine education government run and universities, both government run and privately owned.

Do the tests affect the animals longterm?

No. All the animals in our care get a clean bill of health before being made available for adoption. A lot of our animals are seniors though and do come with the usual senior pet issues. If there are any medical issues at all, we will share them with the potential adopters and provide ongoing support to the family for the life of the animal. We are here to ensure each animal in our care gets the best life possible from here on.

Do you adopt animals to homes outside of Victoria?

Yes, we do, as long as the travel or aftercare is still manageable and will not adversely affect the animal in question. Be prepared to provide lots of photos and video footage of your yard and home for us to inspect beforehand.

Do you receive funding from the government?

No, we are 100% self funded. We rely on donations, bequests and grants. We are completely volunteer run.

I work at a research facility and would like to implement a re-homing program, can you help?

Yes! We will. help any institution in Australia to rehome their animals. We can arrange all the transportation and there are no costs or obligations to the facility. Please get in touch with us to discuss.

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