Wish List

Below are many items that we use daily as well as some of our favourites that we love and swear by.
If you can help out by donation anything, we appreciate it immensely.

Items we use daily

Good quality dry or wet food for both dogs and cats.
Treats of any kind.

We accept in good usable condition (no holes or rips):
Flat sheets.

We Don’t accept:
Anything that is ripped, torn or has holes.
Pillows or pillowcases.
Doona’s, duvets or bed spreads. 
Clothing of any kind.
Tea towels, pillow cases or face washers.
Curtains or rugs.
Fitted sheets.
Table cloths.
Place mats.

We accept in good usable condition;
Collars (small, medium or large).
Harnesses (small, medium or large).
Crates & carriers.
Beds, if they are clean with no holes or rips.
New or used beds without stuffing (bucket beds, trampoline beds etc).
Litter trays & litter for cats.
Puzzle toys.
Slow feeders.
Bowls (metal or with metal inserts only).

We don’t accept:
Dog coats or costumes.
Dog kennels.
Frayed, knotted or old collars.
Frayed, knotted or old leads.
Chain leads.
Lead splitters.
Prong collars.
Electric collars.

Flea, worm, tick treatments for both dogs and cats.
Joint care, supplements, multivitamins etc.

our favourites

Our favourite harness for our ex-research dogs is the Sporn Training Halter. If you would like to donate one to us you can click here to purchase them from at Pet Circle and have them sent to our drop off address listed below. We use sizes medium and large most often. 

We never spare any expense when it comes to looking after the animals in our care. We spend a lot on medications to keep them in tip-top health. The best value for money we have found is at the Pet Chemist. You can purchase a gift certificate from Pet Chemist if you would like to donate towards our medication costs just use our email address; info@beaglefreedomaustralia.org for the order.

Who doesn’t love a trip to Bunnings? A Bunnings gift card can be purchased as a donation to go towards our maintenance costs. We are constantly fixing fencing, filling in beagle sized pot holes, and doing general upkeep around our sanctuary to keep all the ex-research animals safe and happy. You can purchase a gift card from Bunnings if you would like to donate towards our maintenance costs just use our email address; info@beaglefreedomaustralia.org for the order.

Ultimate Gift Card is a gift certificate that can be used online at lots of different retailers including one of our favourites; Pet Circle. You can purchase an Ultimate Gift Card if you would like to donate towards the purchase of specialty prescription food or other items from Pet Circle just use our email address; info@beaglefreedomaustralia.org for the order.

Our drop off point and postal delivery address for donated items is:
Beagle Freedom Australia
C/O Greencross Vet Caulfield South
463 Hawthorn Road
Caulfield South
Victoria, 3162

Please email us at info@beaglefreedomaustralia.org to let us know that you have dropped off donations so that we can properly thank you. If you wish to remain anonymous, thats fine too – thank you!

You can donate at anytime