The Australian Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes 2013 states that “Opportunities to rehome animals should be considered wherever possible, especially when the impact of the project or activity on the wellbeing of the animal has been minimal”
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That's where we come in
We're here to help your animals into retirement. We've been rehoming companion animals for over 15 years.
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Do you work in a research facility

want to Retire your animals?

You’ve come to the right place! We’ve been rehoming retired research animals for nearly 10 years. We’ve been rehoming beagles for over 15 years! We work directly with a wide range of research facilities, sometimes through the Animal Ethics Committee, sometimes directly with management or the animal technicians. 

The use of animals in research is getting more and more of the spotlight shined on it each year. Here at BFA, we welcome the forward thinking companies who are on the front foot of innovation by retiring their animals. It puts you ahead of the game. Don’t wait until its mandatory, set up a working relationship with a rehoming group like ours today. 


What do we offer?


We guarantee that your company name, your type of research, any individuals names, location or any other information will never be released to anyone outside of our organisation.

No cost

There is no cost to the facility for retiring animals. We cover transport costs and all after care costs. Facilities are welcome to make a tax deductible donation, but it is not a requirement.


We know that the staff care very much about the animals in their care and they are sad to see them leave. We can provide updates on individual animals for the staff and animal techs, including photos or videos of the animals once adopted.


We arrange and pay for all transport. We work with you to set up a suitable time and place. We can come to you or meet you at an agreed location. Australia wide.

Large network

We can facilitate any size release, from 1 animal to many, of any species and any breed. We have built up a large network of experts, Australia wide.

Peace of mind

Our success rate is 100% Every animal we’ve ever taken in has been able to be acclimated to being a family pet. However long it takes. 


retirement FAQ

No, we’re happy to take any aged animal. Seniors are our favourites!

No, we don’t. We often have a waiting list of people ready to adopt, so sometimes the animals don’t get listed online at all.

Yes! We take in any breed of dog or cat.

Yes we can facilitate any kind of animal. We are best set up for dogs, cats, goats, sheep, cows and other farmed animals. 

Yes. We take in any animal regardless of medical or behavioural needs.

Yes, every single one of our animals has at least one vet visit so we can get a baseline for their new family. Our vets do a general health check, wellness blood panel and perform any surgery they might need to get them ready for adoption eg. dental scale and polish.

We have a pretty strict process and we make sure to follow it each time we adopt to a new family. You can read about it here.

Yes we do. It’s how we can keep operating and also how we ensure that our animals go to homes who are serious about having a new family member. But, there are always exceptions.

Thats ok, just let us know when we chat. We do need to be able to list our animals for adoption using an online adoption portal. But we are more than happy to refrain from any social media if that is what you prefer. Just keep in mind that, we only ever post positive stories and will never reveal the animals origin. Only that they’ve been released for retirement from research.

They absolutely can! Our success rate is 100% Every animal we’ve taken in has been able to be acclimated to a family home. 

Our philosophy is; It takes as long as it takes. We offer sanctuary to any animal that might need a bit of extra time to adjust, we are in no hurry. Some animals adjust immediately, and some take longer.

You can email us here. Or fill out our secure form on the button below. It can be done anonymously if you like.

Brings a tear to my eye; they must think they are in heaven! It’s good to see they are getting on so well in their new homes.


Facility Employee