A global movement

April 21 - 27, 2025

World Week For Animals in Laboratories falls each year during the week that surrounds April 24. Next year, it will be observed from April 21 to 27. Laboratory animals are used in the millions in Australia, every year. We use this week to raise awareness about these animals, the work that we do and what you as an individual, can do to help.

This Week!

World week for animals in labs

9 Ways you can help


Make a one off donation, anything over $2 is tax deductible. Click the button below to donate online, or make a deposit via your bank • BSB: 033358 • Account: 302346Email us for a tax receipt.

Buy some Merch

Visit our shop and get some cool gear for yourself or a friend.

Sponsor a Dog

Grab some goodies and provide a one off donation that provides care to a specific dog in our care. 

Gifts in wills

By making a bequest to Beagle Freedom Australia, your kindness will resonate for years to come.

Wish List

There are lots of things we need! Take a look and see if you can help.

Foster Care

Donate your time for a hound or a feline in need. Help them adjust before finding their forever home.


Grab some goodies and provide a one off donation that provides care to a specific cat in our care. 

Buy some wine

Whether for yourself or as a gift, Goodwill Wine donates 50% of the profit to us. Mix and match your faves, all 100% Vegan.


Spread the word. So many people still have no idea that animals are being used for research in Australia. 

Don't wait! You can donate at anytime

Take a closer look at some of our happily adopted

Ex-research animals

Last year we were lucky enough to follow 4 of our families and record their stories of foster care and adoption of our ex-research dogs and cats. Watch their stories below.

You can also have a look through our picture gallery at even more of our adopted babies!