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Adopting an Ex Lab Dog

Every dog that we rescue is different, just like us humans. Some come out and embrace the world with open paws, others are more reserved, timid, shy and sometimes even terrified. Most of the dogs we get are beagles, they are the breed of choice in a laboratory setting due to their trusting nature. Beagles as a breed have their own special quirks, we encourage anyone who is considering adopting a beagle to read up on the breed first to be sure that a beagle is the right fit for what they are looking for in a family pet.

The purpose of Beagle Freedom Australia is to find the perfect forever home for all the animals in our care. To achieve this, it is necessary to have a set of procedures and policies in place to ensure that the dog’s welfare is always the number one priority. Every individual is different and so every case has to be individually assessed.

We require that you fill out our online form first up. This gives us some insight to what qualities you are looking for in your family pet, and allows us to match the perfect dog to suit your expectations.

Next is a phone interview and a meet and greet. Some dogs require more than one meet and greet. If the dog is more timid, we do a few introductions to get them used to the changes ahead.

If all goes well, we will place the dog with you for an agreed trial period. During this time, BFA remain the legal guardian of all animals until the adoption is finalised.

We will answer any questions or concerns that the new family may have and if at any time during the trial period the arrangement is not working, a mutually agreeable time and place will be arrange to return him/her back into foster care.

Follow up contact is maintained with each family after the adoption is finalised. Ongoing Support and professional trainers are also available if needed.



Every beagle is different, some cope extremely well with their new life and behave as though they are a puppy in an adult beagle body! Some are timid and withdrawn. None of them are leash trained or toilet trained, and most will not recognise their names. We do our best to prepare them for the big wide world and teach them the skills they need, but we rely on the adopting family to be patient and to continue teaching them how to be pets. BFA is available 24/7 for our new families when helping their new dog acclimate to their new life.

All our dogs are released from research labs into our care. We take in dogs from facilities all over Australia.

The same reason they make great family pets, their kind, forgiving nature. They are considered robust, low maintenance and less likely to bite. 

As a condition of their release, we aren’t able to access that information. 

Sometimes, yes. But nothing that would prevent them from living a happy, normal life as a family pet. 

Yes, every single one of our dogs has at least one vet visit, most of the time they need a few visits. Our vets do a general health check, wellness blood panel and perform any surgery they might need to get them ready for adoption. 

We have a pretty strict process and we make sure to follow it each time we adopt a dog to a new family. You can read about it here.

Yes we do. Each dog in our care comes fully vet checked to ensure each adoptive family can feel safe that they are getting a healthy pet, and to ensure there are no unknown, underlying conditions. One basic vet visit, vaccination, wellness blood panel and teeth scale/polish for a beagle is $833. Our adoption fee is $500, regardless of how many visits each dog has had. Our adoption fees help us to keep rescuing beagles from facilities.

We provide each dog comes with a welcome pack, usually it includes a collar, harness, lead, bed, bowl, toys and a starter pack of food. We also provide any paperwork you may need including vaccination records and desexing certificates.

By doing this, we ensure that, not only is each beagle suited to the new humans or other family pets, but so that we can conduct a yard and fence check. It also provides an opportunity for you to discuss any questions you have with a BFA volunteer. We ask that the entire family be present for the meet and greet so that everyone is 100% committed to the new arrival.

Beagles are the ultimate pack dog. They are a high energy scent hound and they thrive in the company of other dogs. They LOVE playing and being involved with their family. Every beagle we take in has lived their entire life, up to this point, in a colony/pack situation, they have never lived as an only dog. Dogs speak their language, not us! Once these beagles arrive into our care, we have a duty of care to them to ensure that we are not placing them into a situation that they will not cope with (i.e. a single dog household). Being left alone when they don’t want to be, can potentially result in destructive or distressing traits such as digging, howling or chewing.

There will always be exceptions to this rule, we have experienced it firsthand, beagles that just don’t want to be around dogs any more. So if you are patient, we will match the perfect beagle to you.

Because it’s irresponsible and dangerous. Beagles in general do not have great recall, add to that a beagle from a facility who has only ever lived in a colony environment. They don’t know all the sights and sounds that a regular pet dog knows. They don’t know what cars are, and sometimes they are even scared of people. Wide open spaces can be too much for them. Do not ever take your BFA beagle off lead outside of your fenced home.

Every beagle is different. Do not apply for one of our beagles if you plan to try and train them to be off lead pets. It’s dangerous and unfair on them to put that expectation on them. It’s a danger to the dog and to the community.

No. Do not apply for one of our dogs if you plan on making them sleep or live mostly outdoors, it’s just not what we want for the beagles and other dogs that we rescue. Beagles are pack animals and love to be included in the family, this includes sleeping inside. You can have a seperate room or area for them to sleep in if you are concerned about toileting. A BFA representative will go through all sleeping arrangements with you at the time of the meet and greet, and we are available or ongoing support for the life of our rescued beagles.

We understand that not everyone is in a position to pay an adoption fee. If the beagle in question is healthy with no medical conditions, or special dietary requirements, then the adoption fee is not negotiable. If the beagle in question has an underlying condition or needs ongoing care, we do offer a forever foster program, to give them the best possible chance at a happy life with a loving family, without the financial burden. These cases are judged on a case by case nature and should be discussed in detail before any adoption takes place.

No, at BFA we will never adopt any animal to anyone as a surprise or as a gift to another person, all parties who intend to live with and take care of the dog are required to participate in the adoption process.

It’s illegal to rehome a dog who isn’t desexed. Be wary of any rescue group who is adopting out animals that are not desexed.

We are here to help any of our animals for the entirely of their life. If you are struggling or need help, please contact us ASAP and we will help.

Yes. If you got your dog from a research facility and can no longer keep them or need help, then please contact us. 

Unfortunately no. We recommend you get in touch with an experienced dog rescue group in your area. If your dog is from a rescue group, please get in contact with them, they will be able to help. Try breed specific rescue as a first stop eg: Beagle Rescue Victoria

Inc No: A0050374H • ABN: 95 730 602 243 • Source Code RE161991 



Below are the beagles and other dogs in our care that are ready to take the next step in their journey and join a forever family, or a foster family. All those listed here are ex-lab animals. We often have animals available for foster and adoption that are not yet listed here, so please still apply to foster if you don’t see your perfect match below. If the feed below doesn’t load, please click here.

Inc No: A0050374H • ABN: 95 730 602 243 • Source Code RE161991